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Satisfyer Supernova Insertable Double Air Pulse Vibrator Satisfyer Supernova pampers the Clitoris With Sexy Strain Waves and G-Spots with Strong Vibrations. On account of The Adaptable Chain Joint, The Silicone Vibrator Adjusts To Your Life systems And Pleasures You With Ideal Excitement. Adaptable And Moldable Animates The Clitoris With Non-Contact Strain Waves And Back Rubs The Sweet Spot With Vibrations Simultaneously The Two Engines Can Be Controlled Independently, Permitting Various Blends Of Vibrations.

Product Highlights

  • Adaptable shape
  • Animates the clitoris with non-contact pressure waves, rubbing the G-spot with vibrations simultaneously
  • The two engines can be controlled independently, empowering various blends of vibrations
  • Lithium-particle battery

Care Guidelines

Apply water-based lube in the shaft of the vibrator, embed the lubed shaft of the toy in your vagina, keep the outside massager laying on your clitoris, and turn on the toy once more.

Warranty and Refund Policy
  • Changed your mind? The product is unsuitable or not as Expected? Due to the intimate nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns on our adult products, unless faulty.
  • We offer a 90 day warranty on all of our products and will accept returns on sealed products.
  • For all enquiries related to returns please contact us at
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