Thrusting Vibrators Are The Ultimate Pleasure To Women, Is This Product For Me?

Female pleasure is often considered a taboo in the world despite the day by day modernisation. It is a sensitive topic kept concealed from the world and hushed at in public conversation. This article aims to break this stereotype and provide women with the one stop solution to female pleasure. 

Let us break through stereotypes. 

Have you ever been afraid as a woman to express and assist your sexual desires? The thought that a person is horrible just because of who they are is at the root of shame. That is neither advantageous nor helpful. It is not encouraging. 

Most women are ashamed about masturbation, despite the fact that 60%-80% of them admit to masturbating for orgasms. Why is something so natural, normal, and healthy kept quiet? 

What Are Thrusting Vibrators and How Do They Work?


What Are Thrusting Vibrators and How Do They Work?

Thrusting vibrators are a new addition to the array of sexually pleasing toys. A thrusting vibrator is powered by small machinery manufactured inside the toy’s shaft casing. The shaft is usually designed to look and feel like a human penis, but in a few cases, it can also be smooth and even. This means that they can be personalised according to one’s needs. 

The internal machinery is made to use what engineers refer to as an axial load. The purpose of this machinery is to facilitate the vibrating toy to mimic the sensation of a thrusting penis.

Just like a penis would stroke the inner walls of the vagina in a to and fro, up-down repetitive stroking motions, the nerve endings of the user will be stimulated at different degrees following which they'll experience pleasure.

Who should use a thrusting vibrator?

thrusting penis


A thrusting vibrator can be used by anyone irrespective of their biological gender. This article as well as product aims to help people explore their sexual fantasies and accept their sexualities. Whether you are a biological male or female, binary or non binary, straight or queer, with or without a partner, this thrusting vibrator is the perfect toy for you as long as it sits within your zone of comfort. 

A common concern is how the thrusting vibrator will feel. women don’t want to experience anything causing them pain against their cervix whilst men who use these don’t want to experience pain in their rectums. 

Who should use a thrusting vibrator?

If you do end up using one, you’d be glad to know that the toy is designed to offer a gentle thrust as compared to the thrusts humans experience during coitus. 

With this said, just as most thrusting toys are designed to thrust as fast or as slowly as the end-user would like, the thrusting vibrator has settings that allow you to control the speed too.

How to use a thrusting vibrator for maximum pleasure

Incorporating the buzzing sex toy into your routine can serve to enhance your physical as well as mental health. Here's what you need to know to get the most bliss out of your vibrator:

Know your go-to spots

How to use a thrusting vibrator for maximum pleasure

While pleasuring yourself, you must know your erogenous zones. Now whether you've learnt them from your biology textbooks, an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., or on your own, make sure that you do explore other areas too. 

Why is exploring yourself important, you ask? Well, the human body is wired for pleasure, meaning there are many different and unexpected erogenous zones that differ from person to person. The vibrations of the thrusting vibrator send out vibratory waves through nerve muscles of these erogenous zones therefore giving pleasure to the user, man or woman. 

Start Slow

Know your go-to spots

There is a major conception that female pleasure is linked to more. More speed, more vibrations, More force. However, this is not the case. cranking a sex toy up to the highest intensity setting will not necessarily bring more pleasure.

Therefore, the user must start using the thrusting device at a slow speed and make sure that it is positioned correctly so as to not hurt their cervix or rectum.

Thrusting vibrators versus other types of vibrators

Shoulder Shrugging is a Thing!

A thrusting vibrator usually mimics the movements of a male appendage during intercourse with the to and fro, up and down movements while vibrating simultaneously to stimulate the nerve endings and give pleasure to women. 

However this isn’t the only type of vibrator you can use, however it might be better than the other alternatives. 

Classic vs Thrusting Vibrator

The classic vibrator is shaped more like a plastic, pointed cylinder than a realistic-looking shaft and generally showcases one vibrational pattern and a setting that allows for adjusting the speed.

Unlike the thrusting vibrator, a classic vibrator cannot mimic the movements of a human penis. 

Wand vibrator vs Thrusting Vibrator 

Featuring a sizable handle and top portion shaped like the foam cover of an old-school microphone, a wand vibrator  has a large head that covers more surface area of your clitoral area and vulva than other models.

However, unlike the thrusting vibrator, a wand vibrator cannot mimic the thrustful movements of a human penis while vibrating simultaneously.

Bullet Vibrators vs Thrusting Vibrators 

Bullet vibrators are small, generally handle-free, and designed primarily for external clitoral stimulation. Since they're lighter than a larger vibrator, you have more mobility and they're more comfortable to use.

On the contrary, thrusting vibrators can give women both external and internal pleasure and can be used easily and  mimic the thrustful movements of a human penis while vibrating simultaneously.

Thrusting vibrators versus other types of vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators vs Thrusting Vibrators

A shaft and an extra "rabbit skull" feature are included on the side of this device. The rabbit vibrator really gives you the best both, external and internal, stimulations.

However, unlike the thrusting vibrator, a wand vibrator cannot mimic the thrustful movements of a human penis while vibrating simultaneously.

The benefits of using a thrusting vibrator

There is no reason why female masturbation should be considered inappropriate. Masturbation, or sexual pleasure, may be very beneficial to your life. And these advantages aren't simply for your sexual wellness. 

Plenty of health benefits are associated with picking up the world's most popular sex toy other than delivering a lot great orgasms, as from helping you to discover new sexual fantasies to combating sexual anxiety. So grab your toy now and get moving.

Your Heart gets Healthier

Women who orgasm feel their heart rate increase at the beginning and decrease at the end. Although it is not as effective as a HIIT treadmill workout, it can be similar to walking on a treadmill at 1.7mph and a 10% gradient.

Maintaining a Healthy Vagina 

When the vagina is stimulated, its lining produces secretions which help provide moisture. This helps to improve vaginal elasticity, which is one way that vaginas can remain healthy.

Combating Period Pains

Many women reported that regular orgasms aided in the relief of period pains and cramps. In addition, there's plenty of research to back up this claim, as the area of the brain involved in pain reduction is highly activated during arousal. 

Stronger Pelvic Floor 

It's difficult to describe the benefits of female masturbation without mentioning the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a collection of muscles that support vital internal organs such as the bladder and uterus. A healthy pelvic floor is crucial because it can help you prevent or minimise problems such as releasing pee when you sneeze, laugh, or cough.

Expanding Horizons 

A thrusting vibrator is an excellent way to increase female pleasure levels, especially if it has different settings and modes than they've tried before.

Improve Mental Health 

An orgasm can improve your mental health and help beat stress due to production of hormones called oxytocin and serotonin which are known ad “feel good hormones” as they improve the mood of a person. 

Distracting You From Stress

Consider the most spectacular orgasmic—or even nonorgasmic—sexual encounter you've ever had. It probably didn't happen when you were worrying about a large work presentation or mentally going through your never-ending to-do list.

Getting to orgasm frequently demands clearing your mind of any stressful ideas, and then the wave of pleasure magnifies that impact. Orgasm "shifts the emphasis" away from whatever is bothering you.

Better Bladder Control

Pelvic muscles contract and release during orgasm, giving that distinct feeling of letting go that comes with climaxing. But it's not only orgasms that these muscles are involved in. They also play a prominent role in helping to maintain bladder control

Having a Sound Sleep

A good night's sleep can be made more comfortable by having an orgasm. Prolactin is released when you climax, and this hormone induces sleep. On getting an orgasm with the thrusting vibrator, you will experience more restful and better sleep. You'll be more prepared to face the day if you get a good night of sleep.

Intrigued? Let's talk science. 

When you masturbate or have sex, your body goes through many stages that result in very significant physiological changes. For example, in the initial phase of desire, your heart and breathing rates begin to rise, and your clitoris gets engorged with blood, resulting in a little erection. In preparation for release, your muscles stiffen up as well. These types of changes intensify as you get closer to climax.

When you attain orgasm, you release all of your pent-up energy and stress. Your muscles are tense. Your blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiration rate are all at their peak. Is it any surprise that all of this can be demanding, and that you may suffer weariness throughout the post-orgasm resolution phase?

Increased Libido

Another advantage of female masturbation that is based on human nature: When you get a taste of anything very enjoyable, whether it's a wonderful chunk of dessert or a great orgasm, you're likely to want more of it. As a result, the more one stimulates oneself, the more one desires to be aroused.

Better Sex with Your Partner

When you satisfy your libido, it typically craves more. That might lead to even more masturbation, in which case you do you! It might also mean more sex with your spouse if you have one. It's not only about the number; your masturbating may improve the quality as well.

Enjoy Multiple Orgasms 

This huge benefit of female masturbation is a real reward for all your hard work. Here’s the deal: If you have one orgasm, you can probably have another one again—and soon. It is considerably simpler for those with vaginas to experience multiple orgasms since there is no requirement for a refractory phase, which penises require before they can attain orgasm again. If your genitals are too sensitive, you may want to take a break depending on how your body operates.  

Promoting Self Love

Despite all of the much-needed discussion about self-acceptance and body positivity that many of us engage in, we fail to see the evident relationship between sensual self-love and liking yourself. But the link is real: if you don't take the time to turn yourself on and enjoy your own body, it will be far more difficult to fully accept and love it, no matter how many self-affirming photos you post. 

Masturbation is one of the most significant techniques to rediscover your love for your body. It reminds you that you are attractive, that you can nurture yourself, and that you are strong.

Promoting Female pleasure and the LGTBTQ+ community

Promoting Female pleasure and the LGTBTQ+ community

Female pleasure and the LGBTQ community are often considered a taboo in our society. As more and more people incorporate masturbation and sex toys in their routine lives, they can break sterotypes and educate other people about the same. Masturbation by women has the ability to challenge patriarchal conceptions of sexuality by providing an alternative in which women may regulate their own pleasure independently of interactions with males.  

If individuals allow themselves to be honest about their desires without feeling ashamed and it's appropriate to admit thoughts about power and taboo, then perhaps there is no such thing as queer sex. It's similar to believing that missionary sex for reproduction is the only sort of "heterosexual" sex, despite the fact that sex may be significantly more diverse.

Things to keep in your mind before you use our thrusting vibrator

Exploring yourself 

First and foremost, you're learning about your body and what works for it. We advise folks to grab a mirror and do what they taught you in sex education classes in high school: examine their genitals. Look at the rest of your body as well, because masturbation does not have to be limited to the genitals. In terms of gender exploration, it provides a safe area to discover what feels right for you without the strain of being among other people.

Gradual Beginnings

It is preferable to begin slowly. Maybe you don't start by touching yourself; maybe you just wear lingerie or perform a little picture session with yourself to get used to your body before you touch it. You must first learn about our bodies and validate them through our own eyes before we can engage in any form of sexual expression. 

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