The Perfect Guide To Using Rabbit Vibrators

Despite modernization, female pleasure is often considered taboo in the world. It is a sensitive subject kept hidden from the rest of the world and kept quiet in public. 

As a woman, have you ever been afraid to express and assist your sexual desires?

sexual desires

Despite the fact that 60%-80% of women admit to masturbating for orgasms, most are ashamed of it. Why is something so natural, regular, and healthy being kept hidden?

To begin with, there's nothing to be ashamed of if you haven't had much experience with sex toys - everyone has to start somewhere! And if you already have, it is time to dig deeper into the world of sex toys and try out something that will have you reach peaks no man would be capable of taking you to. Our recommendation? The Rabbit Vibrator! 

To those wondering what a rabbit vibrator is and how to use one, read on! 

What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

A rabbit vibrator is a kind of sex toy that is designed to stimulate two areas at the same time — typically the clitoris and vagina (and more precisely, where the g-spot and internal structure of the clitoris reside) — to stimulate multiple areas for a different type of pleasure than what is typically achieved with just external or internal stimulation alone.

Earlier versions of the rabbit vibrator were designed to resemble a small rabbit for the clitoral stimulator, where the ears frequently acted as a twitching motion. These styles have evolved over time.

Since this toy category offers dual stimulation, the protruding arm frequently has motor and speed settings that work independently of the shaft, allowing the user to tailor both as needed.

These vibrators are typically larger because they are intended to be fully inserted, typically 4 to 6 inches, to stimulate both the G-spot and the vagina.

How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator?

According to popular belief, rabbit vibrators can only be used for vaginal/clitoral dual stimulation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although the rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate two areas at once, you are not limited to using it in this manner.

1. Use a rabbit vibrator solely for external stimulation.

The shaft or the external nub can stimulate not only the clitoris and vulva but nipples and so on. You can use a rabbit vibrator in this manner if the vibration and shape of the toy feel good on some part of your body.

2. Thrusting 

If you want to use a rabbit vibrator for significant thrusting movement, you should be careful what you get and learn how to use it properly. When you move the handle to move the shaft, you are also moving the clitoral nub, and depending on the design of that nub and how you use it, it may move the nub to places that give you the most pleasure.

3. Grinding

The grinding motion is one of the most foolproof ways to use a rabbit vibrator. After any foreplay, you insert the shaft and position the clitoral stimulator where you want it. Then, once you've found your sweet spot, you grind on the clitoral stimulator and rock the shaft back and forth, rubbing against your g-spot.

4. Instead of holding the handle, grasp the external nub.

You are not required to hold on to the handle. You can instead hold on to the external nub to have more control over where you focus vibration on yourself. We highly suggest this method in addition to the grinding method.

How Can Couples Use Rabbit Vibrators?

Rabbit Vibrators

Now that you have understood and experimented with your vibrator alone, it is time to spice things up! Rabbit vibrators can be used creatively by couples.

As previously stated, rabbits can stimulate erogenous zones throughout the body. 

With this in mind, a rabbit can be used to tease one partner's body from head to toe, grazing their neck, shoulders, nipples, stomach, inner thigh, and the back of their knees — everything except their genitals (save the best part for the last)

While their partner is watching — or masturbating together — one partner can use the rabbit vibrator on themselves.

Similarly, one partner can use it on the other at any time during sex play to provide stimulation where it is most needed.

The possibilities for partnered vibrator play are limitless!

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