"Hi There, my name is Glenda and I am one of the writers for Pleasure Spot. I am an accountant during the day with a deep passion in helping others through written expression and creation of my blog Nourish nurture inspire in areas of self-love, positive mindset & relationships which all have been significant attributes to the empowerment I have self-developed and also surround myself with today, very grateful to be on board sharing the same visionary as the team at Pleasure Spot for you."

"Hi, I’m Faith. I’m a writer at Pleasure Spot, where I get to express all my thoughts on their Blog Spot. My writing ranges from important topics, like staying in and getting off, to crying in the shower with cramps while craving chocolate. I’ve always been a feminist and my writing attempts to explore and navigate the joys (and yes, the horrors) that come with being a woman. After a gap year and procrastination through travel – I finished my degree in English literature and moved to the big smoke: Brisbane. So now I’m a city girl, and when I’m not having a period-induced menty-b, you’ll find me negging men and writing and raving for Rant magazine."

What’s your body count?
Dating & relationships

What’s your body count?

There's a good possibility that if you've used TikTok, you've taken part in some strange challenge or practical joke. You've undoubtedly even watc...

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