Here Are Some Things You Need To Know About The Female Orgasm

Orgasms. The big "O." is A tiny word with a lot of power…and shame. While female orgasms have been scrutinised by the world, the newer generations have turned more accepting. While some stigma revolving around female orgasms remains, more and more people have started to debunk myths and spread awareness about female orgasms. 

While there are a ton of things you might think you know about female orgasms, here are some facts and figures that will help you understand what this ah-mazing feeling is.

The Four Stages Of Female Orgasms

The Female Orgasm

Were you aware that the female orgasm isn't just a sudden feeling? It has four stages that build up to the earth-shattering feeling. 

First up is the excitement stage. This stage includes physical indicators such as breast swelling, hardening of nipples, increased pulse rate and widening of vaginal walls. 

This is followed by the plateau, an intensified version of the first stage. 

The climax stage, also known as the orgasm, is the penultimate phase where the pulse rate reaches its peak. Vaginal muscles contract, and there is a feeling of release. 

Finally, the body returns to its previous state during the resolution stage.

Can Our Mental Health Affect Orgasms? YES!

While orgasms may initially seem like a physical phenomenon, it is just as much about your brain as it is about your body. In easier words, climaxing can be challenging if you are not in the suitable mental space. 

Stress can serve as a libido buzzkill! If you have things on your mind, the latency period may increase and hamper your pleasure. 

Orgasms Have The Same Effects As Alcohol, Caffeine And Sugar!

Orgasms fill our brain with dopamine, a neurotransmitter that brings us relief and peace, amongst other positive emotions. 

Other things that help our brain release dopamine include alcohol, caffeine or sugar, which can be addictive and hamper our bodies. So, the next time you feel that stress building up, please yourself instead of getting drunk or putting yourself through a sugar rush!

Is Foreplay Important For Orgasms? It Is The Key!

You must have wondered about how long it takes females to orgasm. Evidence shows that most women require at least 20 minutes to climax. Now let us be honest; not all men can last that long. Moreover, penetration doesn't certify an orgasm. Therefore, foreplay is pretty much necessary when it comes to giving a woman what she needs!

Replace Painkillers With Orgasms!

The Female Orgasm

Confused? Well, orgasms can have the same effect on your body as leading brands of painkillers do. Studies have shown that many people suffering from headaches felt that their symptoms were eased after an orgasm. 

The next time you experience headaches, dump the pills and bring out that thrusting vibrator you've been thinking of using!

Orgasms Are Not Necessarily Earth Shattering

The Female Orgasm

While many movies, erotica and porn may define orgasms as an earth-shattering feeling for women, it is not necessary for every woman to experience it in the same way. 

Some women may experience warm body vibrations and altered consciousness, while some may not even cognize their orgasm.

Vibrators may help enhance your orgasms.

The Female Orgasm

Vibrators have been a popular choice for self-pleasure. Sensing vibrations at the sensitive nerve endings in the female Genitalia provide the user with a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

Whether using our dual vibrator or the cherry popper, vibrators have one primary aim: giving you the best orgasms of your life

Wave Goodbye To Period Cramps With Orgasms

The Female Orgasm

Then we'd like to talk about the power of pain relief from an orgasmic female. Although having sex on your period may not be the best option for you, there are a few advantages that aren't mentioned. For instance, do you know that orgasms are a method to ease cramps during your period? Take advantage of the endorphin rush!

Women have reported an increase in sexual desire when they're going through their period, which is most likely due to the reduction in the hormone progesterone that typically reduces the sex drive and causes us to feel less energetic in the run towards our period. 

Is It Normal To Never Orgasm? Well, You Are Not Alone!

The Female Orgasm

Around 10% of females have not experienced orgasm in a relationship or solo. Various reasons like illnesses could trigger anorgasmia, medication and body image issues, embarrassment about sexual relations or just not knowing what you are turning off. A combination of the above could also cause it. 

A sex therapist can help you find the root of your issue and determine what is working for you.

Your Age Has No Connection To Orgasming. It Gets Better!

The Female Orgasm

Whoever said women's age like fine wine was right! There are plenty of things to complain about when you age. However, the sexual experience isn't among the most important. The quantity and quality of sexual encounters will improve as you age. 

According to a recent study of women who are sexually active in their older years, the pleasure women experience increases with age. Women who aren't involved in sexual activity are satisfied with their sexual life. 

Even though they have less sexual desire, however, the majority of study participants reported frequent arousal as well as orgasms that continue through the ages.

Is It Normal For An Orgasm To Be Painful? 


The Female Orgasm

Believe it or not, some women can experience pain due to orgasm. There's a term to describe this phenomenon called dysorgasmia. Many factors could cause it, and it usually requires an expert pelvic pain physician to identify it. 

One thing to remember concerning painful gastric orgasms is they aren't always normal, which means you don't need to live all your life suffering from them. It's possible to talk with your OB-GYN or general practitioner about this, or if you're feeling more relaxed, you can seek a pelvic pain expert.

If You'd Like Something To Be Done Properly, You Should Do It Yourself.

Did you know that nearly 50 per cent of women will experience their first orgasm when masturbating?

Finding out what gives satisfaction to you is vital. This includes sexual toys, circular motion in your clitoris or the vaginal stimulant.

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