Have You Had A Blended Orgasm?

Are you ready to have multiple orgasms at once? We have the products to get you there! 


Title made you awkward? Well, it's the society to blame.Most regularly, the language of female sexuality is either alarmingly ambiguous or crude. This makes it clear that we don't own our bodies. A sophisticated combination of organs like this one is frequently reduced to nothing more than a tool for male gratification and reproduction. This discreetly maintains enslavement and halts women's development toward own sexual acceptability and happiness. 


Both the beliefs surrounding the "g-spot" and the effect of psychology on the pressure placed on women to climax only through penetrative sex are extremely harmful to our sexual health. Women experience widespread discontent in bed, which motivates them to "fake it," as a result of the invalidation of non-hetero sex and the promotion of penetration as the goal of sex.


Never have I met a woman who has not faked an orgasm, simply because the entire focus of the sexual relationship is on the male counterpart. Usually sex is considered done when the male partner is “finished.”

Let's break stereotypes. Have you, as a woman, ever felt hesitant about discussing and assisting your sexual urges? The foundation of shame is the idea that a person is terrible just by virtue of who they are. That's neither beneficial nor helpful. It is not motivating. 

Shame over masturbation is something shared among most women even though 60%-80% of them admit to masturbating for orgasms. For something that is so natural, normal and healthy, why is it hushed at? Let us join hands and make it more common to talk about and with that, here is an opening question! 


Have you heard of the blended orgasm, or even better; have you had one? A blended orgasm refers to a simultaneous clitoral and vaginal climax, where the outer and inner body blend into waves of pleasure.

It’s about the closest I’ll ever get to a religious experience – and for me – only ever achieved through a dual stimulation vibrator. Sorry boys, you’ll just have to do better. The magic of a blended orgasm is not only is it hitting the G-spot (inside your vagina), but simultaneously stimulating the clit. This combination will have you biting your own shoulder: always a little awkward explaining the teeth marks to your co-workers, but totally worth it.

Sounds amazing, right? It feels even more ah-mazing! Yup, you read it right.Ah-mazing can be used to describe a mixed orgasm, which is more powerful than either a vaginal or clitoral orgasm alone.

A blended orgasm may occasionally cause female ejaculation since both the vagina and clitoris are being aroused. Other possible effects include involuntary movements that resemble convulsions.

However, you should be aware of how clitoral and vaginal orgasms could seem or feel on their own

But what’s the difference between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral one?


A vaginal orgasm can feel deeper and more like a whole body experience, whereas a clitoral orgasm can feel more localized to the area of origin. However everyone is different and sometimes a clitoral climax more than does the job.

For many women vaginal orgasms are a lot harder to achieve, and therefore a little more elusive. Often when women start exploring down under, they’ll try clitoral stimulation first. Let’s face it, venturing inside is harder and a lot more intimidating – don’t be getting weird ideas, put the hairbrush or the zucchini down, and just buy a G-spot vibrator.

What is a vaginal orgasm? How does it feel? Are vaginal orgasms better?

What is a vaginal orgasm? How does it feel? Are vaginal orgasms better?

There might be a ton of questions buzzing around in your head and we are here to answer them all! For those who are capable of experiencing them, vaginal orgasms may be quite wonderful. But it's complete nonsense that the culture thinks that vaginal orgasms are superior to all other orgasms! There is no hierarchy to orgasms. Vaginal orgasms are deeper in the body and may be felt by the person penetrating the vagina because the vaginal walls pulse.

Okay and what about the latter? Is a clitorial orgasm better than a vaginal orgasm?


The clitoris is a hotspot full of nerves.

A hood is frequently covers over the exterior part of the clitoris, which protrudes from the tiptop of the vulva.

Gently stroking in a back-and-forth or circular motion with the fingers, palm, or tongue is one of the greatest methods to stimulate the exterior region of the clitoris. 

Clitoral orgasms frequently cause a tingling sensation to go up the skin and through the brain.

Should I go for a clitorial or vaginal orgasm?

Should I go for a clitorial or vaginal orgasm?

The sky is never the limit. Why choose one when you can get the best of both worlds .An orgasm is likely to be more intense when the vagina and clitoris are stimulated simultaneously. Sometimes full-body shakes and trembling accompany these combination orgasms. 

Achieve a blended orgasm that will have you aching for more.  You can have a mixed orgasm on your own if you start by locating the G-spot vaginally:

  • Using your fingers or a sex toy, lift upward toward your belly button in a “come hither” motion.
  • Instead of an in-and-out movement, concentrate your concentration on this location while you repeat the action as the sensation intensifies.
  • Work on the clitoris with your other hand. Go ahead and add lubrication if you need to!
  • Use your fingers or palm to repeatedly push firmly and quickly in a back-and-forth or circular motion.
  • When accessing your G-spot and clitoris feels like a lot of work, vibrators are a terrific alternative.

You don’t need a partner for pleasure.  

Being single or alone may be disheartening but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve these uh-mazing orgasms. Stimulating yourself with toys may actually give you then men ever will.

So, where to begin?

There are many different sex toys available. While this is fantastic for giving you as many alternatives as possible for some toy-assisted pleasure, it can make it challenging to make a quick decision when attempting to buy a toy after perusing shelves and shelves full of sexcessories that promise to cause an orgasm at your local sex toy store. Countless choices! Which one is suitable for me?

Clitoral stimulation if often needed first, to get the ball rolling, then a little sexual fantasy – perhaps you’ll think about your local bartender (the one who ignores you), or if you’re more visual, you’ll switch on some porn, or maybe you’re just horny as shit and don’t need anything. 

If you’re feeling good and ready, then it’s lube time; lube is your best friend. Then get going with your favorite dual stimulation vibrator and begin the self-care ritual like no other. Sorry to peppermint tea and yoga, but I’d rather have a mind altering, toe curling orgasm any day of the week (or everyday of the week, let’s be honest).

In order to help you focus on exactly what to try for whatever it is you're searching for, we've split down some of the most popular sex toy categories. Here is our guide to some of the most well-liked sorts of sex toys you'll encounter, what each device is perfect for, and more.

Miss T intimates have a range of dual stimulation vibrators; with each attuned to your individual needs. If you’re a beginner, I’d start small. The Cherry Popper, is the least intimidating of the dual stimulation vibrator collection and a great way to pop your cherry into the world of pleasure toys

But if you’ve already mastered the art of the blended orgasm and are looking for something a little more filling give The Two Timer a go, or as I like to call it; Goldilocks, she’s not too big or too small…she’s just right.

Or try The Triple Threat; remember it’s okay, if it’s in a three way. The Triple threat is for the girls that need a little thrust in their lives; with pulsing and palpitating pleasure. Then, if you want to level up, there’s always The Ringleader. When Britney Spears sung ‘I’m the ringleader I call the shots’, she was talking about this vibrator, it calls the shots, and hell; it even makes it hot.

Check out Miss T intimates range of blended orgasm inducing, dual stimulation vibrators

the charry popper

The Cherry Popper

The Cherry popper is cheeky. You and her will come together, and she’ll come with you everywhere. She’s portable, and rechargeable on the go, because you won’t be able to leave her at home – even for a minute. She’s small, compact and even comes with her own storage, making her your new handbag accessory… always ready to pop your cherry.

The Cherry Popper is red for romance, and all about passion. She pops and pulsates, equipped with 10 different G-spot vibration settings and 5 suction settings for the clitoris. With these sensations, she’ll have you falling in love like it’s the first time.

The Triple Threat

The Triple Threat

This is for the girls that need a little girth. The Triple Threat has it all: dual stimulation (internal and external) and baby, it even brings the heat. The Triple Threat comes with up to 40 degrees of resistance heating. Whether you’re into temperature play or just looking for a ‘life-like’ experience, the heating really does make it…well, HOT!

The Triple Threat ticks all the boxes, with three stimulating sensations that you’re going to want filling your box. Fit with thrusting capabilities, the Triple Threat will have you feeling fantastically full.


The Two Timer


The Two Timer

Unlike the men of your past, this toy isn’t going to two-time you and it’s actually going to make you come.

An adaption of the iconic G-spot rabbit vibrator, this Two Timer will have you choosing self-care over shitty dates. The dual stimulation targets the external clitoris area, and the internal G-spot, for the ultimate blended orgasm.

This device is designed for ultimate pleasure, with adjustable clit and G-spot settings that stimulate at the exact speed that works for you.  The Two Timer is totally attuned to your every need (unlike your ex).

This baby has got the Goldilocks effect; she’s not too big, not too small – she’s just right!

The Ringleader

The Ringleader

This baby’s got all the bells and whistles, and she’ll have you ringing all day and night. The Ring Leader is fit with a gliding ring, that moves up and down its shaft for that extra internal pleasure. This feature will have you riding the gliding ring, like you’ve never been a bottom bitch.

The Ring Leader is the most equipped Miss T Intimates dual stimulation vibrator to hit every pleasure point imaginable.  

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